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Discover Media UK manages a portfolio of new music and entertainment blogs reaching an online audience of 200,000+ new music readers and social media followers. Our Brands: Chasing Tunes, City Beats, Groove Magazine, Musichitbox, Juicy Jukebox, Mixtaped, New Sound Express, Muzicmirror, StereoBuzz, MusiTrendZ, Thissoundnation, TophitZ, The Music Times, Weekly Music Express, Record Niche.

Taking you back to the decade that mattered the most as far as fashion, pop music, haircuts, Glitz and glamour went. Go back to the 80’s and hear the hits and artists that defined the modern genres of pop music. Hits and Rarities !

Los Angeles DJ Mikey Gallagher delivers a perfectly blended show of House Dance tracks from around the world. Listen every Thursday at 8 p.m on London FM.