New Music Radio - Tune in Now

London FM – Spicing up the U.K Capital with a bold move into totally brand new music, London FM belts out cool new underground hit makers before they hit the big time ! You hear it first every time on London FM ! The Capitals top arena for new music 24 hours a day !

Oxford 24 FM – Coming at you live from the city of Oxford UK playing totally brand new music, The James Whale Show, Lets Talk Business, Oxford 24 Business Show and interviews with world famous and new rising artists.

Midlands Beats1 FM – A new music Radio station delivering hot new music sounds to the Midlands and beyond.

Europe Radio One FM – Blasts out brand new music from the best new European artists hailing from the U.K, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany along with the latest news, talk and European entertainment updates. Europe Radio One exclusively broadcasts daily the Live Wire Today podcast featuring sports, music and entertainment guests and premiere’s.

Britannia FM 106 – Cruise on the oceans of brand new fresh up and coming music with the flagship new music station Brittania FM 106. New Independent artists and global players.

Radio Britain 7 FM extends it’s world service into discovering the hottest new worldwide artists from Indie, Rock and Pop to dance, electro and singer/songwriter. It’s the station for all good new music lovers ! Fresh, vibrant, exciting and spanking brand new music from Radio Britain 7 FM.

Pop Shop FM – Based in the United Kingdom broadcasts the freshest new Pop/Rock music from all over the planet and hot interviews with up and coming and legendary artists 24 hours a day !

Heatseeker FM – The hottest and freshest new bands, artists and producers can be heard 24/7 while this station seeks the heat and cream of the crop of new music acts.

British Isles 69 am provides a spiffy new music Radio format playing red hot and fresh Independent rock, Indie and Pop dance music from new stars of the music world ! A spiffy new music Radio station playing red hot fresh Indie !